Support Survivors like Sara and Thompson

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Your gift to DASH will help all of our families in need of a life away from abuse

This past winter, Sara had to make a life-saving decision to flee her abuser and became homeless. Taking her son and the few things she could carry, Sara fled for her life. Due to the prolonged physical and financial abuse she experienced, she didn't have the means to secure a hotel room or savings to lease an apartment. So, Sara came to DASH for emergency safe housing for herself and her son, Thompson.

In September 2017, DASH's Housing Resource Center received 127 calls from survivors in need of urgent housing support—parents and people, just like Sara. That's a 159% increase in need from the same time last year. With your support, DASH's emergency safe housing program has safely housed 57 adults and 87 children this year alone. 20 more adults and 46 children were provided a home to call their own, many for the very first time. But the calls keep coming, and so many people like Sara are facing homelessness. You can help.

Your generous year-end gift to DASH will help all of our Saras, our Thompsons—all of our families in need of a life away from abuse—find sanctuary, safety, and a path to self-determination.

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