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Give the Gift of Safety

This Holiday Season


Your generous year-end gift to DASH will help all of our families in need of a life away from abuse

Many people think that those in a domestic violence situation have an easy way out. But the reality is survivors are forced to overcome a host of obstacles and barriers in order to become safe from abuse.

Lisa is a 28 year-old woman with a 15 month-old son who survived domestic violence. After fleeing her abuser, Lisa and her son had nowhere to go and were placed in a shelter in one room with no bathroom. When she left her abuser and the apartment, she left everything, with the exception of one outfit for herself and three outfits for her son. All the money that she had saved was controlled by her abuser.

1 in 3 women in DC will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and the lack of safe and affordable housing is often reported as the primary barrier survivors face when they choose to leave an abusive partner.

Thanks to your compassion and support of DASH, Lisa was placed in DASH's Cornerstone emergency-to-transitional safe housing program just two days later. Finally, she felt safe and comfortable - in her furnished apartment with her own key, kitchen, and bathroom - she felt human again.

"I will never forget the first thing we did was shower for a long time and I cooked a home cooked meal. You would have thought it was Thanksgiving in January."